Injectable Muscle Relaxant

Jaw Clenching
Jaw clenching and teeth grinding occur mainly due to genetic, physical and psychological factors.  These common conditions are termed Bruxism and can lead to headaches, pain, teeth damage and jaw problems in the future. Luckily, there is a way to fix it using muscle relaxant injections. These injections block the muscle contracting signals and relieve grinding and clenching of your teeth.

Excessive Sweating
The nerves in our body cause us to sweat by sending a message to the brain that the body needs to sweat in order to cool down.  But when these nerves go into overdrive, they over-send these messages to the sweat glands. This leads to excessive sweating (Hyperhydrosis).

  • Do you sweat excessively?
  • Do you sweat in all types of weather?
  • Do you find you sweat more in stressful situations?
  • Are you uncomfortable wearing clothes that show your underarm sweat stains?

Fortunately, excessive sweating can be effectively treated with muscle relaxant injections, with effects lasting as long as 9 to 12 months.